Be sure to check current regulations before heading to local rivers and streams

With warmer temperatures, fishing has increased significantly in several regional rivers and streams. Idaho Fish and Game conservation officers would like to remind these anglers to check current fishing regulations before heading out fishing.

Conservation Officer Steve Roberts from the Mackay Patrol Area has had several recent contacts locally where anglers had unfortunately not checked the regulations before keeping fish. “I have written citations and warnings in the past month for over a dozen violations related to fish management during the catch-and-release season in our local rivers,” Roberts said. “To protect spawning fish that are at risk this time of year, multiple catch and release seasons are in place, with most of these regulations in effect through Memorial Day Saturday.”

The ability to get out of the house and enjoy a beautiful day on the river is hard to beat, but be sure to check the regulations before storing fish for the frying pan. In addition to checking the regulations, you should also make sure your license is current. A valid license will have the current year date printed on the front, or a future year if you purchased a 3-year license. “We come across a fair number of license violations this time of year,” Roberts said. “In Idaho, our licenses expire on December 31st of the calendar year and people forget to renew or check the expiration dates of their 3-year license.”

Licenses, permits and tags can be purchased online at GoOutdoorsIdaho.comthrough Idaho Fish and Game's mobile apps for IOS And Android, or call (800) 554-8685. You can also purchase them in person at License provider locationsor Regional Fish and Game Offices during normal business hours.

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