Someone found an iPhone that fell 16,000 feet from this Alaska Airlines flight, and the scariest part is the torn charging cable

In case this news doesn't scare you, the door of an Alaska Airlines flight exploded 10 minutes after takeoff from Portland, Oregon on Friday.


Luckily everyone was okay, but some items like phones and shirts (!) were sucked out of the plane.

A torn out door on an Alaska Airlines flight

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A man named Sean Bates found one such iPhone on the side of the road in Oregon.

Twitter: @SeanSafyre

As you can see, it's completely intact (with battery life!) after a 16,000-foot drop:

Twitter: @SeanSafyre

The only unusual thing is that the charging cable is stuck where it was literally pulled out of the plane:

Twitter: @SeanSafyre

The New York Times reports that Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration have given airlines instructions to inspect their 737 Max 9 aircraft.

An Alaska Airlines plane on the tarmacAn Alaska Airlines plane on the tarmac

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And in case you're wondering, they finally found the door in a teacher's backyard in Oregon.

One plane was missing a door with a tarp over the openingOne plane was missing a door with a tarp over the opening

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Ultimately, the whole thing is frightening, so I'll focus on the important question: Who made the case?

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