A Rabbi's Prayer for California

Rabbi Michael Leo Samuel

By Rabbi Michael Leo Samuel

CHULA VISTA, Calif. – Here is a prayer I wrote for the National Day of Prayer and recited on Thursday morning, May 2nd.

Hear the call, California, let us rise and unite,

In our land of splendor, from hardship to light.

From redwood shadows to the shimmering shore,

Let's build a desirable future.

“Listen,” sounds from the valley to the peak,

Affordable homes for everyone who is looking.

In busy cities and quiet towns,

Let justice dwell, let mercy be seen.

Against the shadows of bigotry and hate,

Stand strong for love, let it resonate.

From the warmth of San Diego to the cool mist of the bay,

Inclusion and safety are at the top of our list.

Affordable living space, a roof for every head,

In areas where no one is afraid to enter.

From the sprawl of LA to the streets of Sacramento,

Let us secure a place of refuge where hope meets.

In the great center of technology, let innovation take the lead,

To solutions where compassion is the credo.

May the minds of Silicon Valley understand

New directions for Golden State.

May California's dream be big and bold,

A story of kindness and courage told.

Let's understand with each “Shema”,

A call to action for the future we have planned.

Hear the call of the surf, the whispering pines,

For a state in which every star lies on a line.

An oasis of peace where everyone is free,

California, let this be our legacy.

Rabbi Michael Leo Samuel is spiritual director of Temple Beth Shalom in Chula Vista. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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