Pro-Palestine protesters at New Jersey's Rutgers call Kashmiris 'occupied people'

As protests continue on US campuses in support of Palestinians, students at Rutgers University presented the government with a list of 10 demands during demonstrations against the Gaza war. One of these demands referred to Kashmiris as an “occupied people”.

The ninth demand from students at Rutgers University in New Brunswick called for flags representing “occupied peoples” to be displayed on campus, according to an X post by “controversial” historian and author Audrey Truschke on Friday.

Truschke, also an associate professor of South Asian history at Rutgers University in New Jersey, shared on her account the 10 demands of student protesters at the university.

“Today, Rutgers-New Brunswick students forced our administration to make significant progress on eight of their 10 demands. “Lessons – protest works,” wrote Truschke.

“Display the flags of the occupied peoples – including but not limited to Palestinians, Kurds and Kashmiris – in all areas and display international flags on the Rutgers campus,” reads the ninth demand from the pro-Palestinian students, who announced protest at Rutgers University.

According to Truschke's post, in response to the request, college administrators stated: “The Office of the Chancellor will take inventory of the flags displayed throughout Rutgers' New Brunswick campus and appropriate representation of those enrolled in academic and other venues.” Ensure students.”

The protest camp was disbanded Thursday after Rutgers administration and university students reached an agreement on the fourth day of the camp.

“They accepted eight of the ten [demands] but not the most important thing, which is divestment, that's what we want to do, but we also want to respect the campus,” said one protester CBS News.


The ongoing camp at Rutgers University in support of Palestinians began Monday. Protesters are demanding that Rutgers end its ties with Tel Aviv University and divest from companies that do business with Israel.

The university agreed to review the students' applications. However, a rally on campus Thursday morning prompted the administration to take the unprecedented step of postponing final exams on campus.

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