7 Tips to Save Money on Connecticut Energy This Summer

We've all heard the big news in Connecticut: Eversource is raising residential energy costs again. WFSB says “State regulators have approved another rate increase for Eversource and United Illuminating.”

CT Insider says:

Bills for Eversource Energy customers will rise dramatically on July 1 thanks to a rate adjustment mechanism approved by Connecticut regulators last week.

That's right, after harnessing the heat all winter, temperatures will jump right into the 80s and 90s just as Eversource starts charging us more money for our already expensive energy. We must take every action possible to save money on this energy nightmare we are living with in Connecticut.

Every watt is a problem, every degree counts and so does every detail. There are small steps we can all take to reduce our energy costs in Connecticut, and you need a handbook to help you do it. I created a list of 7 tips to save money on Connecticut Energy this summer

7 Tips to Save Money on Connecticut Energy This Summer

As we approach summer, it's almost air conditioning season and that means higher energy bills for all of us. There are a few steps you can take to keep your final bill lower than your neighbors. Here are 7 tips to save money on Connecticut Energy this summer

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When I was young, I remember the old heads telling me to enjoy my youth. They would say, “It flies by.” They would say, one day you are carefree and the next you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. I didn't listen and now I'm the old head screaming at the clouds wondering how to cool my house.

I'm the guy with pants that don't quite fit. What's with the pants? When I was young, I always had stylish pants that were the right cut and fit properly. Now I look like all the old ballsacks I used to laugh at. I'm one step away from going out to water my garden in sandals and dressy socks.

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First, you should know that not every fugitive is some kind of serial killer or bank robber; Some are simply people who have been accused of crimes and are actively evading prosecution.

According to information, these are 19 of the wanted fugitives in Connecticut BailCo Surety Bondswho state the following on their website:

“The individuals listed on this page are currently wanted by BailCo Bail Bonds Manchester LLC and the State of Connecticut for failure to appear at a scheduled court date. We would be grateful if you could receive information about their status or whereabouts, but please remember this first: “No one listed on this page is necessarily guilty of a crime.”

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I grew up in upstate New York and I think that contributed to my sense of humor. I recently took a trip to the Watkins Glen, New York area with my wife and children. We laughed a lot and some of those laughs came directly from the signs we saw around the Empire State. These are five of the signs that caught our attention and proved that New York is just a fun place.

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10 Things You Never Do During a Traffic Stop in Connecticut

I recently read an article that had this topic and it was so general. Honestly, a lot of it was information that most of us had heard before. I like to dig a little deeper, find another level and give some advice that you probably can't get anywhere else. “10 Things You Never Do During a Traffic Stop in Connecticut.”

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