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An activist group has called on protesters to gather outside a hotel to host a large reception for the Asian Development Bank (ADB), which will be attended by senior officials from around the world. On Thursday night, tens of thousands of demonstrators paralyzed one of Tbilisi's largest intersections.

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PM accuses US embassy of 'supporting revolution'

Georgia's Prime Minister Iraqi Kobakhidze is open

“If these attempts had been successful, the second front line would have been opened in Georgia,” Kobakhidze wrote.

On Thursday, Chollet wrote he expressed “concern” about the Georgian government’s “hostile rhetoric and support for anti-democratic laws” and called on Georgia to recommit to a Euro-Atlantic path.

In 2023, the Georgian government and the State Security Service (SSG) accused the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) of “preparing people for unrest and provoking violence.”

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Important events from yesterday

On Thursday evening, tens of thousands of demonstrators paralyzed Heroes' Square, one of Tbilisi's largest and busiest intersections. The intersection remained closed until early Friday morning as police tried to disperse the protesters, making an as-yet-unconfirmed number of arrests.

Protesters report that those arrested include Bedford Falls guitarist Mikho Kalandarishvili and musician Quemmekh.

In the early hours of Friday morning, a group of men dressed in black attacked some of the protesters remaining in Heroes' Square, injuring at least two.

A number of senior international officials condemned the Georgian government's adoption of the Foreign Agents Law and police violence against protesters in their second plenary hearing. The bill's third and final hearing is scheduled to take place the week of May 13.

Demonstrators on Heroes' Square on May 2nd. Photo: Anna Edgar/OC Media

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