Teachers inspire teachers: Graduate draws inspiration for his career from his parents

Beckett Bodell, a Meridian native, will graduate from Idaho State University College of Education in May 2024 with a bachelor's degree in secondary education with degrees in science and biology. Bodell is a determined student who credits his parents and his love of learning as inspiration for choosing education as a future career.

“Both of my parents are teachers,” Bodell shared. “Growing up in that environment and seeing not only how to teach in the classroom, but also what it was like to have teachers as parents, that was a really big reason for me to want to be a teacher.”

Bodell originally started as a medical student at Idaho State University in fall 2020 and realized the medical student lifestyle wasn't a good fit for him. Instead, he realized his love for science and teaching and decided to do something different with his achievements in science and biology.

Regarding his experience in the secondary school program, Bodell said his courses were very flexible and allowed him to complete the course in a way that best suited his schedule. “I’m here in Meridian this semester,” Bodell said. “So, I couldn't be here with my family if it was just an in-person course to teach students.” Bodell praises the accessibility of the secondary school program and his willingness to communicate and collaborate with his professors at all times.

During his time in the secondary school program, Bodell had the opportunity to engage in impactful, exciting undergraduate research with Dr. Cory A. Bennett, professor and chair of the Department of Teaching and Educational Studies in the College of Education, will attend. Bodell's research was to test educational frameworks and their effectiveness for students in the grant-funded program. Remote and equitable access to STEM learning (REAL. STEM). This online program is free and focuses on developing online science lessons for upper elementary students to make science education more accessible in rural areas.

When asked how the secondary school program prepared him for a future as a teacher, Bodell responded, “My program at Idaho State University prepared me a lot for that very So. Compared to many other schools, ISU does a really good job of breaking the program down into achievable phases.” Bodell's student teaching, which ended in early April, greatly prepared him for what awaits him in teaching and working with students in the classroom. He looks forward to graduating and having a rewarding teaching career in the future.

Given the growing need for science teachers in Idaho, Bodell also called his support in science a golden ticket because, combined with his teaching credential, it would allow him to teach a variety of subjects in high schools across the state. As for his science subjects, Bodell said his current favorites are earth science and physics. “As a student teacher, I studied physics and astronomy; both are pretty good.”

When asked if he had any advice for students entering the program, Bodell said, “Make sure you explore everything your internships have to offer and make the most of your hands-on experience.”

The secondary education program at the College of Education prepares educators for successful, diverse careers as teachers of students of different ages and educational abilities. It is a great program with many opportunities for students who want to pursue a career in teaching.

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