The New Jersey star you just don't love that much

We have a lot of great celebrities who hail from New Jersey, but not everyone loves them all.

At least we don't love them all equally. We're proud of all the Garden State celebrities, but we asked the residents of New Jersey an intriguing question.

Not all New Jersey celebrities get the love of all residents

We asked if there's a New Jersey celebrity that everyone else loves and you don't think is awesome.

Some of the answers surprised us. No celebrity, no matter how big or popular, was immune from the vote.

You told us which celebrity you chose in this category and you weren't shy about your opinion.

The top name on the list was quite a surprise

There were many New Jersey residents mentioning the entire cast of The Real Housewives.

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Speaking of the cast: The cast of Jersey Shore was also well represented with their voices. Apparently every New Jersey star got votes.

We were still shocked at which Garden State celebrity received more votes than anyone else. He would likely be the same celebrity who would receive the most votes as the most popular celebrity in New Jersey history.

Really? He was it?

As hard as it is to believe and even harder to report, the celebrity who received more votes than anyone else was none other than the Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen.

Heather's comment echoed what a surprising number of people were saying:

The boss…Bruce Springsteen…never loves his voice

We must stand up for the man who brought joy to so many New Jersey residents and made an entire state proud.

But when you're that famous, you're going to hear things from both sides. As a reminder, the cast of “Jersey Shore” came in second place in the voting.

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