Jimi Hendrix was on Mackinaw Island in Michigan

Watching the peak of the classic rock era, one can't help but be a little heartbroken for this great artist. We lost along the way. Legendary guitarists like Terry Kath and Jimi Hendrix.

These two guitarists in particular really looked up to each other and unfortunately both left this world far too young. Photos recently circulated claiming that Jimi Hendrix was on Mackinac Island shortly before his death.

The photo posted on Facebook paints a very realistic picture and shows Jimi and one of his bandmates Noel Redding on the dock on Mackinaw Island:

September 7, 1970 – nine days before his death at the age of 27 Jimi Hendrix experience (Hendrix and Noel Redding, with Mitch Mitchell still aboard the ferry) arrive on Mackinac Island to perform as an unannounced act for Grand Hotels Labor Day Jazz FestivalHendrix's penultimate time playing guitar in public [ Mackinac Babylon photo ]

This photo however is completely wrong. Looking at the photo, you can feel that Jimi is completely out of place, and no one seems to care that the world's most famous guitarist was just… hanging out on Mackinaw Island at the time.

The experience

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Additionally, these stills were taken directly from another photo from August 21, 1967, when Jimi and the band were at an airport in London. Also, the date is incorrect. On September 7, 1970, Jimi was in Germany, which according to my records is on the other side of the world and nowhere near Mackinaw Island.

The experience

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Photo credit: Dave Lifton

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