Miami Beach Police Enforce 'Zero Tolerance' for E-Bikes on Beachwalk – NBC 6 South Florida

It has never been legal to use motorized vehicles on the pedestrian path that runs along the beach from Bal Harbor to South Pointe Park. However, Miami Beach police are enforcing the rule like never before.

“Starting this weekend, a zero-tolerance policy toward these motorized bicycles and electric vehicles will be enforced,” said Officer Christopher Bess of the Miami Beach Police Department.

There are already signs along the path indicating that electric bikes and scooters are not allowed.

“There are a lot of bikes, roller skaters, skateboarders, runners, walkers and more, everyone is out here and since there is still power, even some cyclists are going too fast without power,” said Michelle Knight, a regular walker on the Beach path.

Robert Wortham uses the trail almost every day to exercise and says enforcing the ban on motorized vehicles is long overdue.

“I think most people come out here recklessly, they run into other people, some drive drunk and crash into things, so it's definitely safer,” Wortham said. “I saw someone drunk running against the fences out here. “I saw someone, a lady, get run over by someone on a scooter, so accidents happen all the time when they're out here.”

The police also noticed the chaos.

“As recently as Monday, one of our officers observed one of these motorized vehicles striking a pedestrian,” Bess said. “We cannot have electric vehicles or motorized equipment on our boardwalk because it is pedestrian-friendly.”

Even a man riding an electric bike told us the policy was fair.

“I think it depends on how you ride your bike because I can use it fully electric or assisted, you know? But I don’t want to drive too fast, I try to be careful with pedestrians,” said Roy Castilla.

Getting caught driving an electric vehicle will result in a $129 fine, similar to a traffic violation ticket.

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