The famous Fry Shack has been named the best place for cheap food in Maine

An iconic French fry shack in Old Orchard Beach is receiving major national praise.

The popular website Cheapism recently published an article about the best places to have cheap and delicious lunch. On this prestigious list of delicious eats is one of Maine's most popular spots for bubbly spuds and other fine snacks: Pier French Fries. The seasonal stand has been serving the legendary crinkle-cut beach fries since 1932.

Pier French Fries via Facebook

Pier French Fries via Facebook

What makes them so special? Well, everything. It starts with a quality New England potato. These pups are then cut into crinkle-cut shape, which is by far the best type of fry. They are fried to perfection, with just the right amount of salt. Then you grab ketchup and vinegar and go to town.

And make sure you get your own box because you won't want to share it with anyone else.

But why a fry shack as Maine's best place for a cheap lunch? I'll let the cheapism explain.

Who says you can't make a whole meal out of french fries? When they're as good as the ones at Pier French Fries, it's easy. They've been serving the same crinkle-cut fries since 1932, and the most popular topping is malt vinegar. But you can also get spicy nacho cheese, chili, and sauce if you want. If you can't live on a box of fries alone, there are also hot dogs, chicken fingers and sweet fried dough.

And you can always get these fries poutine-style, which is perfect for many tourists from north of the border, but also for the rest of us who love fries covered in cheese curds and gravy. Plus, poutine is essentially a balanced meal. You have your veggies, dairy, protein, and sauce…which I think is its own food group.

Pier French Fires via Facebook

Pier French Fires via Facebook

Pier French Fries is seasonal and already open for the 2024 season. However, it's not just the roast hut anymore. They also operate the legendary Bill's Pizza. Pier French Fries purchased Bill's in 2022 to ensure the pizza joint continues to satisfy the crowds of beachgoers who will visit OOB this year. Pizza, fries and the beach? Yes, please.

Congratulations to Pier French Fries for the national love. It's always great to see small businesses in Maine getting the attention they truly deserve. Here’s to another great season for them and the rest of the rowdy bunch down in OOB.

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