North Carolina man wins $800,000 lottery, says his sister dreamed about it

Atwell won the prize in the drawing of 5 cash on a $1 ticket that he purchased at his local Jiffy Quik.

Do premonitions come true? A North Carolina lottery winner thinks so. David Atwell of Kannapolis, who won more than $800,000 in the lottery, says his sister has already dreamed of the riches. According to the North Carolina Education Lottery announcement, Atwell won the prize in Saturday night's drawing of $5 cash on a $1 ticket that he purchased at a local Jiffy Quik. “At first I was stunned,” Atwell said in the blog. What was interesting about Atwell's story, however, was his sister's inkling and belief that he would win.

Atwell bought a $1 ticket at a supermarket in Kannapolis, a Charlotte suburb in the northeast part of the city. His ticket matched all five numbers drawn in Cash 5, with a probability of nearly one in a million, according to the lottery. Despite this, Atwell was initially disappointed as the jackpot had been reset to $100,000, meaning someone had won the jackpot that night. “I saw the jackpot go back down to $100,000, so I knew someone had won it. I had no idea it was me,” Atwell told the lottery.

Winning the lottery (representative image) | Unsplash | Photo by Dylan Nolte

When he realized he had won, Atwell experienced an outburst of joy. His wife, Cherie Atwell, said, “He screamed so much it scared the cat.” The couple then accepted the prize at the North Carolina Education Lottery headquarters in Raleigh. After taxes, they took home about $598,591, according to the site's blog. Atwell plans to pay some bills and donate to his church.

According to the official website, Cash 5 is a daily changing jackpot game. The lottery draws five numbers every evening and awards prizes for correctly matching one to five of the numbers. Tickets cost $1 and jackpots start at a whopping $100,000. The jackpot keeps growing until someone wins. “Winning a jackpot like this is a dream come true,” North Carolina Education Lottery spokesman Van Denton told FOX Business. According to the spokesperson, over $1 billion was raised through such entertaining games last year. He added that the lottery supports educational programs in the state that contribute to a better future.

Representative image |  Unsplash |  Photo by Waldemar
Winning the lottery (representative image) | Unsplash | Photo by Waldemar

Last month, in a similar case, Reshawn Toliver of Kentucky won a life-changing amount on a simple scratch-off ticket. The woman won a $90,000 lottery prize and decided to quit her job immediately, according to USA Today. Similar to Atwell, Toliver also purchased a $5 Wild Cash Multiplier scratch-off ticket at a local gas station in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

Toliver won the grand prize after matching three of the numbers “7” in the game and won the prize corresponding to her match. Toliver collected the prize at Kentucky Lottery headquarters and took home about $64,800 after taxes. Meanwhile, Skyline Fuel, which sold her the lucky ticket, received $900 as a bonus.

Toliver's decision to quit her job came because she was tired of her current employment situation and longed for something new. She saw winning the lottery as an opportunity for change. “I was unhappy with my job and God made a way,” Toliver told the publication.

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