Indiana University Hoosiers' Achievements Over the Years

Maybe it's just because I have too much cold and flu medicine, but I'm having a hard time finding reasons to hate Indiana University as I sit down to write the annual hate article about the Hoosiers.

Let's face it, Hoosier fans get a bad picture. Sure, they wear ugly pants and can't design aircraft engines, but that doesn't mean Indiana University is worthless. The world needs trench diggers too.

The Hoosiers have a proud athletic department history with many successes over the last century. I thought we could take a moment to look back on their proud past and celebrate their contributions to the Big Ten we all know and love, rather than just the usual hate for Indiana University. Maybe, like me, you look at Hoosiers fans with a newfound respect.

Hoosier Achievements

  1. Starting with their men's basketball program, because that's what Hoosier fans are most proud of: According to Sports Reference, the Hoosiers have won 1,928 basketball games. That's good for 12th among all-time D1 men's programs.
  2. The Hoosiers have made a bowl game more recently than football powerhouse program Nebraska. Good job, Hoosiers.
  3. The Hoosiers have won 22 men's basketball Big Ten championships. That's pretty impressive.
  4. The Hoosiers made it to the Sweet 16. Legendary Hawkeyes head coach Fran McCaffery can't do that, so you know it's difficult to accomplish.
  5. The Hoosiers made it to the Final Four. in fact they made 8 of them.
  6. The Hoosiers men's basketball program won at the Kohl Center. It's a tough place and not everyone can say they won there.
  7. The Hoosiers drafted a player in the first round of the NFL Draft. Their most recent first-round pick was WR Thomas Lewis, who was selected by the New York Giants.
  8. The Hoosiers won a bowl game. Their last bowl game victory came over the Baylor Bears in the Copper Bowl, defeating them 24-0.
  9. The Hoosiers won a men's basketball national championship. Okay, I really didn't enjoy writing this. Maybe there's some hatred in me.
  10. The Hoosiers won the Big Ten football conference. They even won it outright! That's more than Nebraska, Rutgers, Maryland, UCLA, USC, Oregon or Washington can claim.
  11. The Hoosiers have a head football coach leaving the program with a winning record. So many coaches are fired these days that it's hard to forget that some people leave a program or retire after success.

This is the list I was able to put together. I'm sure Hoosier fans or other Big Ten fans can add their own comments in the comments. It's a truly impressive list of accomplishments from the Hoosiers athletic department. Indiana fans should be proud. Of course, these achievements come with additional notes.

Notices and disclaimers

1 – The Hoosiers rank 3rd in their own state on the all-time wins list behind 9th-place Notre Dame (1,961 wins) and 10th-place Purdue (1,947).

Indiana's most successful basketball program
Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

2 – Indiana’s last bowl game came during the 2020 COVID season. In the Outback Bowl they lost to Ole Miss 20-26. Northwestern, Purdue, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Maryland, Michigan State, Rutgers, UCLA, USC, Oregon and Washington have been to a bowl game in recent memory. But hey! – Indiana beat Nebraska.

NCAA Football: Outback Bowl-Mississippi vs. Indiana

No mustard bottles were thrown at this game
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

3 – The Indiana men's basketball program has not won the Big Ten regular season championship since 2016. Their 22 conference titles are second in Big Ten history (either tied with Ohio State or tied, depending on whether you count OSU's vacated titles) and trail Purdue four times. Six other Big Ten programs have won a share of the Big Ten regular season title since 2016, and of course Indiana has yet to win a Big Ten tournament title.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: MARCH 2 Michigan State at Purdue

Just a friendly reminder of what the trophy looks like for Indiana fans
Photo by Brian Spurlock/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

4 – Indiana’s last Sweet 16 was in 2016 when they lost to North Carolina. Since 2016, the following Big Ten programs have made it to the Sweet 16: Purdue, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Illinois, UCLA, Oregon and USC.

NCAA Basketball Tournament – ​​East Regional – Indiana vs. North Carolina

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

5 – The Hoosiers' last Final Four was in 2002. They have only the fourth-most in the new Big Ten (behind UCLA's 17, Ohio State's 10 and Michigan State's 10). Illinois, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Oregon, Michigan, Michigan State, UCLA and Purdue have all reached the Final Four in recent memory. Maryland, of course, also reached the Final Four in 2002 and defeated the Hoosiers.

Indiana vs. Maryland

Thank you, Gary Williams!
Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

6 – On January 25, 1998, the Hoosiers won at the Kohl Center, but have gone 20-0 since then.


Photo by Lawrence Iles/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

7 – Lewis was drafted in 1994. The Hoosiers are currently experiencing their longest first-round draft pick drought in recent memory P5 P4 football.

Tom Carter Redskins

8 – In case the name of the Copper Bowl doesn't give it away, the Hoosiers' last bowl win came in the 1991 season. They have lost six straight bowl games, meaning they have averaged one bowl every four years since the 1991 season – had an appearance.

University of Indiana Hoosiers vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

The best I can do is take a photo of a player on this year's team
Photo by Allsport/Getty Images

9 – Credit if credit is due. Indiana has 5 national championships. The last IU men's basketball championship was in 1987. Since 1987, four current Big Ten programs have won a national championship: Michigan, MSU, UCLA and Maryland.

Tom Izzo, Michigan State University coach, 2000 NCAA National Championship

Set number: X59995

10 – Indiana has two Big Ten football championships. They shared the title with Purdue and Minnesota in 1967 under head coach John Pont, but were the Big Ten's representative in that season's Rose Bowl, as Purdue was ineligible (having left after the 1966 season) and Minnesota only recently. The Hoosiers' only outright Big Ten championship came in the 1945 season under Bo McMillan.

OJ Simpson breaks out of the Indiana defense

OJ Simpson flees… from the Indiana defense in the Rose Bowl

11 – Bo McMillan is the latest Hoosier head coach to leave Indiana with a winning record. After the 1947 season, with a record of 63-48-11, he left to coach the Lions.

Bill Dudley in uniform with trainer

I'm not entirely sure if this is a photo of McMillan, but I'm okay with it.

The point is, it's hard to be a Hoosiers fan. It's been a long time since they were able to celebrate great success. Maybe OTE's commentators can help them remember some other things they accomplished long, long ago. If not, I recommend everyone to post their favorite Tom Crean gifs. That always encourages everyone.

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